Thames Shoes

Thames Shoes, established in Turkey, is a fast growing shoe supplier. As well as having a manufacturing facility in Gaziantep (with annual production capacity of more than 5 million pairs), it works with several local suppliers to develop and produce stylish comfort sandals, slippers, boots and shoes. The majority of its business comprises exporting to the EU and Middle East.

Thanks to its agile approach and strong ties with the pioneering partners in the sector, Thames Shoes has gained reputation for design, value and quality that is unsurpassed in the market place. Working closely with its clients, Thames Shoes offers tailored solutions that meets the customer requirements and produces bespoke products without compromising the quality.

Since its establishment, Thames Shoes has set a benchmark on customer-driven dynamic business model, based on changing trends and customer needs. This has let its business operations continue to grow year on year.

Our strengths are

  • Very competitive prices
  • Comfort and style
  • Short production and lead times
  • Swift response to repeat orders
  • Quick shipment service
  • Strategic location